Classes ItsConvention

Check på mina klasser för ItsConvention! Jag ser fram emot att presentera dessa klasser i höst :) Kul med sånt intresse för gymnastik!

Dynamic Yoga
A fun and invigorating sequence with the focus on linking movement and breath to create a strong vinyasa flow. This class will make you sweat! Strengthen the body, develop the core, increase flexibility and improve balance and posture while bringing calmness and clarity to the mind!

Moving Meditation
A soft-flowing vinyasa class, which focuses on opening and expanding the energy of the body while at the same time releasing tension and focusing concentration. A short meditation practice at the close of the class will enhance self-awareness and assist the release of stress.

Gymnastic Strength
Challenge your core stability, strength, cardio och explosivness by using all the different techniques from gymnastics focusing on progressions for handstands.

Gymnastic Stretch
This is a Deep and slow (yet strict) stretch class with techniques and postures inspired by gymnastics. We are holding each position for minimum Three minutes with the purpose to release the tension in the fascia around our muscles.

Inner Strength
Inner strength has function and flow in all different moves; to stimulate balance, core stability and flexibility – from the inside out. The focus is also to get centered and relaxed. This class combines functional training, gymnastics and yoga.

Functional & Athletic
Run, jump, spin, fly! This is an athletic and functional class that will challenge your strength and power as much as your inner core and balance.


Bild: Ruben Elstner