A nice and easy yoga class at the office. You can use your regular outfit and use only your chair as your equipment. Focus on our neck, back and hips – spots where our fascia can become stiff, and which over time can cause pain. After a 10-20 min class you will feel more centered and focused, ready to dig into your work!

How to get a healthier workplace with happier and more relaxed co workers? I will give you the main keys to a healthier and more successful  business.
– and for your team; let me talk about motivation and how to find it (and keep it)!

I am happy to offer your company good food – juices, smoothies, raw “fika” and lunches – working together with FiKA By Anna.

Give your team a good start of the day with a healthy (good tasting!!) breakfast followed by a motivating Office Yoga session or choose a refreshing immune boosting juice instead of the dry cookies.

If you want to book a seminar, workshop or Office Yoga-session, please contact me!