Trainer, instructor and international presenter from Sweden with a background as an artistic gymnast and with a degree in Public Health. I offer instructor trainings, workshops and classes in yoga, gymnastics, functional training, core and more.

”To me movement is the portal to growth, strength and the ability to reach one’s full potential. The meetings with my clients is what inspires me the most. I love to see people grow, get better self-confidence and to feel better about themselves – wheter it is about reaching high athletic performance, or to achieve a healthy lifestyle”


– Personal sessions in yoga and gymnastics
– Grouptraining for events, healthcare, conferenses etc.
– International presenter
– Instructor Trainings in Yoga, Gymnastics, Functional Training, Core and more.
– Education/Inspiration in leadership and communications
Planning, implementation and evaluation of health promotion work / projects

Malin Berg
malin@aerobicweekends.com (for events, educations, travels, inspiration etc.)
malin.berg@actic.se (interested in becoming a fitnessinstructor? contact me in my daily work as a grouptraining manager at Actic)
Tel: 0046-70-4408349


Malin Berg Movement from Malin Berg on Vimeo.

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