I teach classes in Dynamic Yoga (Vinyasa), Yin & Fascial Release, Sup Yoga and more.  For Instructor Trainings check out

In this class we work with the music in energetic and fun combinations and moves! The class can have different themes like AfroBeat or HouseMoves.

Focus on functional moves to increase inner core stability, control and balance.

Inner Strength has function and flow in all different moves; to stimulate balance, core stability and flexibility – from the inside out. The focus is also to get centered and energised. This class is dynamic in its form and divided into three different parts: Core, Gymnastics and Yoga. In the first part, you will get the basics from core and functional training, which includes movements and positions that will challenge your stability and balance. In the second part, you will challenge your strength, speed and body control using all the different techniques from gymnastics. A flowing yoga sequence at the end of the class will get you more focused and relaxed. You can choose to end your class with a meditation, seated or laying down on your back.

The concept is avalible for home practise and instructor trainings (online and IRL).